Ranoom is an experiment in publishing. We aim to publish science-fiction books for young readers. Why we started this project has an interesting story. We were not trying to be in the publishing industry. We were just looking for science-fiction books with which we can relate with. We wanted stories based on our world and our unique culture. We also looked for stories with super cool use of numbers. But we didn't find any. We talked to few publishers and authors about this. Impression we got was that there is not much demand for this kind of books so nobody cares to write 'em. That was very disappointing! We decided to do something about it.

We decided to take on this battle ourselves. We picked a nice name - Ranoom. It's a play on Ramanuj - greatest mathematician India has ever seen. We thought it's a cool name to start a publishing venture to create Indian science fiction stories for young readers.

We will be announcing our first title in early 2011. In the meantime please connect with us on Twitter and on Facebook.